BTS Campaign Shoot

The first ever shoot for VES 2021!

We did the first campaign shoot at the BEAUTIFUL Villa Palmas located in Byron Bay, the day was sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. My dream is finally coming true.

My vision for the first collection was to put style and luxury back into the beach culture. 

When you get out of the water, put on your kaftan and walk over to the bar. Feeling gorgeous and stylish in your VES. 

The Brief

Putting together the shoot is like a puzzle in your mind, that you need to communicate to the photographer, makeup artist and videographer hoping they see the same vision.  

I was using words like tropical, palms, white, beach culture and stylish. Describing this to my longtime friend CARLENE RASCHKE, she was able to see my vision crystal clear, and just like she was in my mind, she sent me back options of locations, models and makeup artists that were exactly what I had envisioned.

The Day

It was an early wake up at 4am in the GC, restrictions had just eased a little and we made our way to Byron for an 8am start. Driving our hire car with myself, husband Dain and son Henryk. 

When we arrived, it was a fast start! Makeup started on the gorgeous Nat by the very talented Ashlea. Right before we started shooting Carlene & I did a walk through to pick the best spots on the property. Luckily she was familiar with the Villa Palmas, having been there before she knew where the best shots would be, that met the brief. Once we started, at 8am we powered through till 4pm and each shot was so beautiful, I found myself speechless. And for me that is something else, I don’t find myself speechless very often but this was everything I had imagined and more.

So grateful for all involved that helped bring this campaign to life. 

Now, I am off to start on my next 2023 collection. So hope you love it as much as I do. 

Verity xx

Photographer Carlene Rashke  @carleneraschke

Videographer Geordie Smith @gsfilm

Model Natalie Sole @nataliesole

Makeup Artist Ashlea Penfold @ashleapenfold 

House Location @purelocations

Catering @thelarderbyronbay